15th November Is No Smoking Day


The No Smoking Day was established by the American Cancer Society in 1977. Since then, the day has become international: each year, the event involves more and more countries.

Give up smoking

In 2012, the No Smoking Day is held on November 15. The smokers are encouraged to make a plan for quitting their addiction by this day or, if the plan has been developed already, they may quit smoking exactly on that day. If there is no plan yet, but there is a desire to quit smoking, you can try to manage one day without cigarettes. According to doctors, even one day spent without cigarettes can be an important step toward a new life, in which the risk of cancer is much lower.

The WHO Stats on Smoking

Smoking causes 90% of lung cancer deaths, 75% of deaths from chronic bronchitis and 25% of death cases from coronary heart disease in the world.
Every ten seconds a heavy smoker dies in the world dies (in 2020, this rate could rise to one person dying every three seconds).

It’s never Late to Give up Smoking

But if you give up the habit before the age of 30-35 years, you can save some years of life. This was proved by the study conducted at the University of Oxford. Richard Peto, who led the study, reported that smokers, both men and women, could save an average of 10 years of life if they quitted smoking before middle age.

These words summarized more than 15 years of research, which had involved more than a million British women, who started smoking in the 1950-s and 1960-s (when cigarettes became fashionable). Those participants, who had managed to get rid of their smoking habit before their 30th birthday, lost only up to a month of life because of cigarettes, while the others shortened their life for at least 10 years. This is another argument in favor of quitting smoking as soon as possible.


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