10 Lifestyle Changes That Will Help You Get Healthier


“A healthy life is a good life”. Apparently, living a healthy life has been a great challenge to many who adopt strict lifestyles changes that end up backfiring and leaving them disappointed. Healthy living is a decision that everyone should embrace and is achievable through the ten simple lifestyle changes as discussed below.

1. Pack Extra Food

Instead of throwing away the remaining food on your plate while eating supper, pack the food in clean food tins. According to studies, most people who carry packed food are most likely not to buy junk and fast foods compared to those who don’t carry packed food. Packed food reduces the intake of unhealthy junk food while also saving money as the spending cost is reduced for an effective healthy living.

2. Engage in Outdoor Fitness Activities

Instead of spending huge sums on money on gym subscriptions, why not take an evening jog after work around your neighborhood? You could also cover long range distances through cycling on weekends. Apart from deriving exercise benefits from bicycles, it acts as a simple means of transport. One should consider their surrounding terrain since it determines the ideal bicycle that will provide maximum advantages to the user. Different websites offer adequate reviews and information on suitable bicycles such as in-depth article on folding bikes among other unique effective bicycles.

3. Apply Sunscreen

Some people are covered by rash after a few minutes in the open air on a clear day.

With the current global warming impacts expected to worsen, sunscreen is the best solution for keeping your skin safe from the cancerous direct ultraviolet rays. Sunscreen protects you’re a body from skin cancer and also moisturizes your skin to achieve a smooth and tender skin preventing aging.

4. Replace Sweets with Fruits

Most children and teenagers have sweet tooth and end up with cavities from sweets and junks. You can still achieve the sweetness through investing in fruits that are a great source of natural sugars. Fruit pulp also acts as fiber that helps in digestion hence a healthier body.

5. Keep a Food Journal

Food journals enable you to track your eating pattern enabling you to improve your dieting habits in order to achieve a balanced diet.

6. Power Nap

Consider getting enough sleep as sleep gives you energy for your daily activities. A power nap could involve a short sleep break in the middle of work such as 45 minutes. It reduces restlessness and calms the mind preventing anxiety and depression. Sleep is also good for your skin preventing wrinkles.

7. Wash your hands often

Most bacterial infections are majorly caused by poorly washed hands as we mostly use our hands in doing almost everything. Hand wipes are easily portable and affordable preventing unnecessary hospital visits.

8. Make time for family and friends

People with good family and friends relationships have better healthy lives as spending quality bonding time acts as an outlet to stress and enables a feeling of love and encouragement to face the day to day challenges. This prevents the development of depression an anxiety boosting mental health.

9. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is the fuel for life. Its advantages range from a moist hydrated skin to preventing constipation conditions and also boosting metabolism reactions in the body.

10. Take the Stairs

Instead of standing for minutes waiting for a lift, taking stairs enables effective burning of calories as it enhances the stamina of your leg muscles.

To sum it up, a healthier lifestyle is achievable through simple collective changes in our day to day lifestyle that include; packing extra food, engaging in outdoor fitness activities, applying sunscreen, replacing sweets with fruits, keeping food journals, taking power naps, washing hands often, making time for family and friends, drinking plenty of water, and last but not least, taking the staircase to burn calories.