Wrist-Worn Pet That Is Always There to React to Your Emotional State


Life without a pet is unimaginable for many people. Apart from anything else a pet is the best for taking your mind off things and help you unwind when you are overstressed. So what about a pet gadget that is always with you checking up on your mood and showing it cares?

Wearable concept gadget Pet Ref

Here is a completely original graduation concept for all you pet lovers, fresh from design student Jens Dyvik of the Design Academy Eindhoven. It is about a pet called Ref whom you wear on your wrist. The sophisticated animal is armed with six servomotors and a box with Arduino for perfect service. It reads your heartbeats and assesses your emotional state. As stress amounts, the clever animal will raise its head and tail in a warning; it gets calmer lowering its head and curling up the tail when your excitement dies down.

The idea behind this fast-reacting gadget is to keep you in touch with your emotions and get a hint when you may be overwhelmed. Hopefully Ref won’t stay a concept for long and will soon join us to help in our strife.

Source of the image: Gajitz.


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