Smart Earrings Ear-o-Smart Track Woman’s Health


The Canadian BioSensive Technologies company has created the world’s first “smart” jewelry. These stylish earrings have the ability to monitor the pulse, movement and even count calories.


Earrings called Ear-o-Smart comprise a plurality of sensors that monitor the health of the owner. However, these sensors can be integrated in any earrings that will allow women to wear normal jewelry that they like. The information collected by these sensors is sent to a mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth technology to diagnose at home.

At first glance, earrings seem to be a completely plain decoration with the original design. But in fact, this gold-plated jewelry contains unique sensors that are carefully watching the rhythm of the heartbeat, level of activity and the amount of calories consumed by a woman each day. The representatives of the company share their beliefs on the Kickstarter page, where they are raising money for mass production, saying that wearing electronics as jewelry can be integrated into everyday objects. That’s why they have created Ear-o-Smart earrings.


The device is able to monitor the heartbeat, measuring the intensity of blood flow in the skin, as well as to monitor changes in the process of light absorption. Priced at $110, the earrings will go to the owner in a standard white design, but they are also available as a “do it yourself” set, which allows everybody to create a unique “smart” design of your own jewelry for self-diagnosis at home.