Smart Adidas by Stella McCartney Sports Bra and Gadget in One


Clothes with monitors installed are growing on us enveloping more areas of life like Exmobaby or Somnus, a sleeping shirt that watches over us during our night’s rest. But who needs such gadgets more than sportsmen? Well, men will have to wait a bit, but for sportswomen is now available a cool Adidas sports bra created by Stella McCartney. It has already been snatched by tennis champion Caroline Wozniacki whose latest matches showed her encased in the new high-tech monitoring garment.

Smart Tennis Bra by Stella McCartney
McCartney’s Adidas Tennis Bra is designed to keep tabs on your cardio stats in real time with the help of a miCoach device, while Adidas’s ClimateLite technology provides better sweat evaporation by bringing the perspiration from the skin to the Bra’s surface. $60 for making your tennis game more comfortable and healthy!