Roll 'n Pour Makes Life Easier


It’s so weird, sometimes when some company comes up with a new gadget you look at it and think, why didn’t they create it before, since this is exactly what most people need in their everyday life! The same words can come to your head when you read about Roll ‘n Pour.

Roll 'n Pour Used for Gallon Jug

Roll ‘n Pour is a rocker for bottles made by Californian company PR Dionne. It’s such a simple and at the same time a great invention! Roll ‘n Pour is very easy to use – you simply need to set the container in it and tilt it towards the cup or glass. Using it, you will always avoid spills. With Roll ‘n Pour you can pour liquids from 1 or 0.5 gallon jugs or 2 liter bottles to the cup. The device is priced at $16.

Roll 'n Pour Used with 2 Liter Bottle

Roll 'n Pour


  1. Come again? This is hardly a new invention. People have been using devices like this to pour fine wines without disturbing the sediment for as long as I can remember.

  2. that is the cooooooooooolist ivention ever did u make it yor self ! i wish i had it because it lookes soooooooooooooooooooooo easey!

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