Qlocktwo Clock Really Tells Time


The idea of the producers Biegert & Funk was not to show you the time, but actually tell it! Looking at the Qlocktwo clock you see a colored slab with words saying something like “It’s half past three”. Maybe that’s why it is called “two”, meaning the other way to show time?

Qlocktwo Clock

The design is quite simple, to fit in with most interiors, and Qlocktwo is available in quite a number of colors, including black, silver, purple, and yellow. Also it comes in different languages, all the main European languages are provided.

Qlocktwo Clocks

The Biegert & Funk store is ready to supply you with Qlocktwo for $1,565. Those who are loath to dish out so much for a clock but would like to give it a try can get an iPhone App version for $0.99.

Source of the images: geeky-gadgets.com.