Omron Body Fat Monitor Scale – a Step towards Knowing Your Body


The new scale, somewhat ominously (or truthfully) called Omron Body Fat Monitor Scale, stands for feeding you rather more information than your average scale. (For an odd credit its pinky prettiness may bring in a cheering note to your room’s color scheme, but if you frown at gadgets that tend to look tawdry you can always get one of a more modest color.)

Omron Body Fat Monitor Scale

The Omron Body Fat Monitor Scale is here to give you a super accurate estimation of how you are managing your body. By the way, don’t forget that what makes the most of your weight is the muscle not the fat. The Monitor Scale is designed to measure your Body Mass Index quickly and store information for you and three more family members. Besides, you can treat all your friends to a weigh-in using the guest function.

Sold at the price of $89.95, the Omron is available in a chrome or steel version.

Source of the image: Coolest-gadgets