MAME-CAM, The Smallest Camera in the World?


There’s a secret charm in tiny things, of which the Japanese are well aware. Moreover, there’s that added pleasure of nobody recognizing things for what they really are. The MAME-САМ is all that and more. It looks like some toy made to dangle from a handset. Meanwhile, it’s a full-bodied camera ready to handle your picture taking needs.

Mini Camera Mame-Cam

The 2MP gadget saves your pictures to microSD cards any size up to 32GB – not a stunning quality, agreed, but quite a rival to a common-type mid-range mobile phone camera.

Mini Camera Mame-Cam

Those who love tiny gadgets and are fond of catching their friends unawares by taking funny pics, this Japan toy costs $95.

Mini Camera Mame-Cam

Source of the image: Crunchgear.


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