Cute Emoticon Keyboard


Emoticons have become an indispensable part of any online conversation and a quick way to punch them in will be welcome with a lot of people. Although emoticons are as manifold and versatile as emotions, most of us fall back to a small number of our preferred ones, so we can as well use a special keyboard instead of the habitual key combinations.

Emoticon USB Keyboard

There was a prototype emoticon keyboard on display at CES this month, a USB-connecting compilation of 12 graphic moods for one-touch placement. Lavatelli, the current manufacturer of this socially-needed gadget for our computers, keep low about the specs of their keyboard for the time being, but it is rumored that they will be further personalized by devices such as glow option. A well-developed emoticon keyboard is a thing that can join the ranks of our much-used gadgets.

Source of the image: News.softpedia.