Concept Nokia E-Cu Heat Collecting Cell Phone


Even if you remember in good time that your cell phone needs recharging, this necessity may be a pain in the back now and then, and if you tend to forget about your phone’s needs, it is even worse. Where’s one of the most helpful gadgets of the time if its battery is reading low and it may go dead any second?

Nokia E-Cu by Patrick Hyland

Well, here’s the concept that can answer this question: in your pocket, duly recharging. How would you like that? Designer Patrick Hyland is very much interested in your reply. His Nokia E-Cu mobile friend is equipped with an inbuilt thermogenerator that collects heat from practically everywhere – yes, even the warmth inside your pocket will do! – and converts it into electricity that recharges the power supply. Entering a room, don’t go looking for a wall socket, just slip your handset onto a radiator and it will take care of the charge!

Nokia E-Cu by Patrick Hyland

This great concept involves a copper case that shows a dry and cracked earth effect, a symbolic heat-preserver and a real one at the same time.

Nokia E-Cu by Patrick Hyland

The designer sought to reduce e-waste through disposing of phone chargers, but it can also save electricity to what may well be a significant extent, just lying there and feeding on stray heat quietly… Patrick Hyland surely deserves cheers for that!

Source of the image: Nexus404.