Callpod Extends Bluetooth Range


Generally Bluetooth headsets offer us the facility of carrying on a conversation within a 20-meter range, but when the other person is close to the outside limit, you may get annoying connection breaks. And why should we settle for anything if we can get more? Or so thinks Callpod.

Callpod Onyx and Vetro headsets

Consequently, what Callpod did was turn out two Bluetooth headsets with extend the wireless conversation range to impressive 50 meters, and over. The company’s two-way walkie-talkie gadgets are called Callpod Onyx and Callpod Vetro that can be connected to whatever you carry on you, a cell phone, a smartphone, PDAs and VoIP, any device that has Bluetooth, naturally. Dual-microphone noise suppression will clear off background noises.

3-hour charge through your wall outlet or your PC’s USB will give you up to 5 hours of handsfree, noisefree wireless conversation over – oh, go and check how much they cover over 50 meters!

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