Alarm Clock with Hidden Spy Camera to Watch over the Surroundings


Here’s an alarm clock that keeps a watchful eye over what goes on around and is ready to hand in a video report of that. You can manipulate it via a remote control or activate a motion detection mode and get it do its bit without you having to supervise it.

Alarm Clock with Spy Camera

The remote control presents an extremely simple way of operating the spying alarm clock, actually it is a one-touch affair. The red button switches power on and off, the black button with a camcorder icon starts and stops video recording, the black button with a camera icon takes pictures. The black button with the image of a human figure in front of a camera is the one controlling the motion detection functionality, setting off the camera at the moment a burglar, your dog or yourself move within the camera’s view.

Incidentally, the multifunctional gadget can boast of an impressive bunch of specs with 1281 x 960 pixel video resolution and 30 frames per second, the format being the all-compatible AVI. Photos are even better at 1600 x 1200 pixel resolution and a stunning 2 megapixels. The audio quality of 192kb/s is also fairly decent for an alarm clock.

A free 4GB TF microSD card is included, enabling storage of many minutes of spy video recorded at the approximate rate of 35MB per minute.

Some alarm clock, isn’t it? The best one in its field, in fact, and quite a helpful device to keep handy.

Source of the image: Geekalerts.