Workaholics Live Longer


This paradoxical regularity was discovered by the scientists from the University of California, Riverside. The team of psychologists under the guidance of Professor Friedman had been investigating for twenty years how personality type influences life expectancy.

Woman at work

One and a half thousand gifted children, aged about 10 years, became the participants of the research in 1921. A few generations of scientists had been studying their life for seventy years. The next twenty years were required to fully analyze the obtained data. And some results turned out to be quite unexpected.

Here are three of them. The slogan “Do not worry, relax, do not overwork” is pointless. Despite the popular belief, concentration on work, even if accompanied by a great part of stress, considerably increases the chances to have a long and meaningful life, as compared with those who are trying not to work too hard.

The scientists were surprised to obtain another consistent regularity: the children, whose parents hurried to send them to school in advance of time, live less than their peers who had enough time for games.

It can also be considered a scientifically proved fact that the desire to help others is a truly healthy habit. It is even more effective in prolonging life and improving its quality than being surrounded with love and sharing love with one’s dears and nears, not even to mention the usual advice about improving one’s eating habits. “Relying on the today’s popular ideas about the importance of correct combining of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in the matter of longevity, we miss something far more essential. Healthy lifestyle is definitely important, but there are more fundamental things,” Professor Friedman says.

Source of the image: Photl.