Women Have Smaller but more Efficient Brain


It is known that the size of the female and male brains differs a lot. However, recent studies conducted in the University of California have shown that it is of no importance.


Women Use their Brains More Efficiently

Even though their brain is smaller (the difference in size is about 8%), women use it more efficiently. Women work more efficiently and with less energy than men and use less brain cells to achieve the same or even better results.

Men Have More Neurons in the Brain

This is explained by the fact that men have a much larger number of neurons (responsible for mental activity), and women have much more connections between them, which makes it easier to think, despite the smaller amount of the gray matter.

The Hippocampus Size

Men have much bigger hippocampus and, consequently, higher intelligence levels. But the researchers have found that although women’s hippocampus is smaller, it may be even more preferable for the active brain activity.

The Psychological Test

The scientists have conducted a psychological test involving 59 women and 45 men aged from 18 to 27 years. They discovered that women coped with inductive reasoning better and followed the changes in the situation, while men showed a greater capacity for spatial thinking. At the same time, the brain activity of the women was more effective.