Women are Least Beautiful on Wednesday


The scientists call Wednesday the most harmful day to women’s health and beauty. And what is the most beneficial day?

Woman Using a Facial Mineral Mask

Mood Swings during the Week

The employees of the British St. Tropez cosmetics company interviewed over two thousand women to understand how to change their mood during the week. Most of the study participants happened to say they felt older on Monday.

Wednesday Problems

Beauticians say this is not surprising: if you have been having fun and drinking alcohol during the weekend, the lack of sleep, combined with not fully eliminated toxins, will have an unfavorable impact on your health and mood. Every tenth interviewee stated that Wednesday was her busiest day. The majority of people observe a significant reduction in their performance during the second half of the day.

Stress, Wrinkles & Job

Having survived the weekend and having experienced enough stress at work, women “gather” the greatest number of wrinkles on their face by 15 or 16 o’clock on Wednesday. To raise their mood, women often eat something sweet, which has a negative effect on their skin. Others rely on sex to help themselves not to lose heart. Most women prefer Thursday night to practice this activity (by the way, it is not the first time Thursday gets the title of the sexiest day of the week).

Week’s Best Day for Women

The best day of the week is Friday – about 60% of the respondents feel best at the end of the working week. The female body gets a double dose of endorphins – due to the previous passionate night and anticipating the weekend.