Why Do Women Shop with Mothers?


When shopping for a new outfit and in need of advice and sincere opinions, women take their mothers along, affirms a study of 2,000 women commissioned by Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex.

Women after shopping

The survey revealed that a great number of women are mistrustful of their friends when it comes to shopping for clothes and accessories – the situation sparks off jealousy and dark undercurrents and is fraught with unreliable compliments. While suspecting their friends of telling lies about how they look 5% of women owned up to handing out false compliments telling their friends the outfit becomes them when they actually thought otherwise because they wished to take them down a notch or two in looks.

On the other hand mothers are downright honest about what they like and what they dislike, making them a more desirable shopping companion for a third of women.

Another advantage is that friends tend to chat and distract attention from the process, while mothers are more intent on getting the things they came out for and thus make shopping a more concentrated and resultative affair.

Lakeside Shopping Centre’s spokesperson, commenting on the findings, underlined the necessity for an honest second opinion when making important purchases and said that dishing out false compliments “seems a bit mean.” That’s what makes mothers who “would never want their daughters to look less than perfect” perfect shopping companions!

Source of the image: Photl.