Who Is The Most Arrogant in Europe?


The residents of several European countries have been surveyed, and the result showed that the French and the Germans are considered the most arrogant. The opinions of the French themselves were contradictory. They considered the representatives of their nation the most and the least arrogant at the same time.

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The survey, conducted by Pew Research Centre, involved 7646 representatives of Germany, France, Poland, the UK, the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy and Spain. The Europeans were asked to name the most and the least arrogant, the most compassionate and trustworthy nation.

Most Europeans have recognized the Germans to be the most reliable, but the least compassionate people. According to The Guardian, only the Greeks decided that it is they who are the most reliable nation. At the same time, the representatives of different countries considered only themselves as the most compassionate nation.


According to the results of a similar survey conducted last year, the Germans were recognized as the most hard-working nation, the Greeks were called lazy, and the Italians corrupt.