Top 10 New Year Women's Resolutions


All of us make wishes on the New Year‘s Eve regardless of whether we believe in it or not. We also usually make New Year’s resolutions by promising to ourselves to change our lives: to quit smoking, start working out, take better care of our parents, etc… Can you guess some popular New Year’s resolutions among women?

Women in New Year dress

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Losing weight takes the first spot on our list. Women around the world are dissatisfied with their weight. American women in particular are not happy with their figures, since over 66% of people in US suffer from obesity! We can only wish you the best in achieving this resolution and hope you will have a realistic goal in mind and will progressively move toward it.

  3. Spend More Time with Family
  4. Modern women across the globe work a lot, and in some cases they work even more intensively then men. Moreover, Internet and other modern hobbies and interests take a lot of our time. Indeed, those days, families are in desperate need of our attention.

  5. Give up Smoking
  6. This is a great resolution. The fact that this resolution is on our top-ten New Year’s resolution list means that modern women smoke a lot. It’s about time we think about it, set goals, and finally do it – quit smoking!

  7. Learn Time Management
  8. How good are you at planning your time and sticking to the plan? A great idea is to start an organizer (paper or electronic). It doesn’t matter what your profession is – you can be a manager, a nanny, or a sales person, because we all have a lot of things to do every day and it is important to plan them ahead of time and know which ones are more urgent and important than others.

  9. Give up Drinking Alcohol
  10. It is hard to realize this resolution during the holidays, but we can start figuring out and planning on how to give up drinking around January 3rd.

  11. Find a New Hobby
  12. Isn’t it refreshing and exciting to learn something new, get new skills, join new clubs and classes? It is a great idea to find time for those activities too.

  13. Help Others
  14. Many of us have this goal in mind, but most of us defer it for later due to the busy and hectic modern lifestyle. Yet, in reality such good deeds as donating blood or helping organizations that help children do not take that much time.

  15. Become More Physically Active
  16. While the most common resolution is weight loss, not all of us associate it with additional physical activity. Many of us rely on diets and dietary supplements. Therefore, sport and fitness arrives only at the spot number eight on our list. Many of us wish to take up working out, so why should something stand in our way?

  17. Start Putting Aside Money
  18. Next resolution is to start putting money aside. We often start saving money to buy something important, but rarely end up saving enough to actually buy it. Maybe this year you will manage to do it!

  19. Find out more about Health
  20. Regular visits to our dentist or gynecologist are very important. We also need to regularly check our blood sugar, blood pressure, and pulse. Overall, we should aim to learn more about our own health.

Are you ready to share your New Year’s resolutions with us? By the way, statistics show that women tend to be more successful at achieving their goals if they share their plans and get support from their friends and acquaintances.

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