How Much Time Do Women Spend on Beauty?


How much time do you usually spend to look good? It is not as hard to calculate it as it may seem. For example, if you daily spend around 30-35 minutes on beauty, then you are spending almost four hours every week! How much time did your mother or grandmothers use to spend on beauty care?

Woman, makeup

A study was published in Wall Street Journal, which states that modern women progressively spend less time on beauty. For example, in 1965 women used to spend 10.1 hours per week, while modern women spend only 8.2 hours to look good.

So, what has changed over those forty years? Experts note that overall things have stayed the way they used to be. But, the methods and tools have become more effective. This helps women save time, which is so precious those days. Hair dryers dry faster, hair products keep our hair look perfect the whole day, makeup is long-lasting, and day and night creams and serums make masks and compresses less necessary. Moreover, the salon industry obviously exists to help us in this regard as well.

Source of the image: Photl.