The Right Ear Is More Responsive


Scientists from the Gabriele d’Annunzio University of Chieti, Pescara (Italy) discovered that people most commonly prefer to be addressed in their right ear. It turns out, that if you want to ask a person about something, talk in their right ear. How did they find it?

Talk to Ear

They conducted a three-level study. First, they watched 286 night club visitors; this stage showed that 72% of people lean over to their right ear when talking with loud music in the background. In the second stage of the experiment, the scientists entered the floor themselves and asked for a smoke while leaning either to clubgoer’s right or left ear. The result showed that the scientists who spoke in the right ear received twice as much cigarettes as the others did.

In the third stage, the scientists would start a conversation and lean forward to see which ear the person would try to use. Almost 60% of people used their right ear. Reuters reports that the scientist believe, we prefer to use the right ear due to the functional asymmetry of our brain, as the left hemisphere largely processes sounds receiving the signals from the right ear.

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