Lauren Scruggs Sustains Serious Injures by Plane Propeller


It turned out to be a really fateful air flight for Lauren Scruggs, best known as fashion expert at the wardrobe department of Gossip Girl, who finished her pleasure trip with crucial damage inflicted on her left-side part of the body, including the loss of her left hand.

Lauren Scruggs injured

As was reported by Dallas’s Fox 4 News, on Saturday Scruggs boarded a two-seater plane intending to enjoy the sight of the state’s Christmas illumination from above. As she, upon the completion of her flight at a private airport in McKinney, Texas, climbed down from the plane, she chanced to come too close to the airplane propeller that was still spinning.

Scruggs’ family spokesperson described the accident in a post on the Caring Bridge website informing the public that she was stricken down as “she walked into the front of the prop… Lauren’s hand, head, and shoulder area were hit.”

While the FAA is yet to look into the details of the incident, the 23-year-old model and author of the fashion blog LOLO underwent a series of emergency operations; her left hand was amputated.

The subsequent piece of news posted Monday afternoon informed that Scruggs had successful surgery and was with her family in ICU. While she retained the vision of her right eye her left one remained bandaged and its ability to see was still doubtful. Apart from that she is on her way to recovery.