Europe to Ban Mint Cigarettes


The EU considers the possible ban of mint cigarettes: The European Commission has prepared a bill that tightens the rules of producing, labeling and selling tobacco products.

Woman Smoking

The new bill suggests imposing a ban on flavored cigarettes, including mint cigarettes (not so long ago, the same measures to combat smoking were discussed in the U.S.). It also prescribes the size of cigarettes: their diameter should be not less than 7.5 mm: thin cigarettes will be banned. The changes will also affect a pack of cigarettes: it must contain at least 20 cigarettes, gloomy picture of smoking consequences will appear on it, and they will occupy 75% of the pack (instead of the current 30%). The developers believe that one cannot cheat the consumer: tobacco products should look like tobacco products and have the appropriate taste, whereas attractive packaging and flavors should not be used as a marketing move.

If the document is supported by the European Parliament and the EU countries, the described measures can take effect in 2015.

Meanwhile, doctors have been warning for a long time that mint cigarettes are more harmful to the smoker. Recent statistics show that strokes occur more frequently among the fans of flavored tobacco products. Other smokers choose cigarettes with additives because they mask the unpleasant bitterness that one feels when smoking.