Australian TV Hostess Blurts out the Wrong Name for Top Model Winner


Australian live TV producers had to do some fast shifting around when the Next Top Model show hostess suddenly called out the wrong name when announcing the winner!

Thus culminated the live final of the show, with 16 contestants thrown into a trance as hostess Sarah Murdoch turned to Amanda Ware and said that there’s been a mistake and she was the rightful winner – although just a short while ago she had hailed 19-year-old Kelsey Martinovich as the one entitled to the victory complete with the money prize and a modeling contract.

So the audience was treated to two acceptance speeches, first to that of a false winner and a minute after to that of a flummoxed real one.

As Sarah Murdoch was informed about her blunder over her ear-piece and had to steer the show into a different route, she was undoubtedly the one to feel the full impact of her faux pas. She was profuse in apologies, claiming to feel sick over her error and saying it was “a complete accident” and one of those things that just happen on live shows.