4 Things Women Dream About


Researchers from Scotland made a short list of women’s innermost desires based on a poll among 7 million working European women. A full report on the study has appeared in a recent issue of Italian psychological journal, Psicologia e Salute.

Chocolate. Woman

  • Guess what’s on top… chocolate! The poll revealed nearly two and a half million women (or 30 per cent of those polled) dream of chocolate during their working day.
  • With 20 per cent of women, sex was number two desire on the list.
  • The third strongest desire was vacation. Nearly 10 per cent of women could think nothing about but getting on the road.
  • Shopping landed number four on the list. Roughly 6 per cent of poll members dreamed of purchasing new clothes and makeup products.

Interestingly, a similar poll conducted amount men revealed the majority of men dreamed, or 67 per cent, dreamed of having sex. As far as chocolate and sweets are concerned, only 11 per cent of men wanted it.

Source of the image: Photl.com.