10 Facts about Blondes & Brunettes


An eternal rivalry: blondes vs. brunettes. We suggest reading 10 interesting facts that differentiate these eternal competitors and emphasize the advantages of each of them.


  1. Brunettes are known for lush hair, while blondes cannot boast having gorgeous hair.
  2. Blondes are considered sexier, and brunettes are more temperamental.
  3. Blondes have a lighter skin, and brunettes are distinguished by a beautiful and even skin color.
  4. Without makeup, blondes look more pale and dull than brunettes.
  5. Blondes are calm and steady, while brunettes are emotional and intemperate.
  6. Eleven movies have been shot about blonde women, while only one movie about brunettes has been created.
  7. Blondes look younger than brunettes, but dark-haired women are stronger and hardier.
  8. Brunettes have a stronger immune system than blondes. They are less prone to stress and infectious diseases.
  9. In Hamburg, there is a monument to the bathing blonde. No one has immortalized brunettes in a monument yet.
  10. Every year, blonde parades take place around the world. No one has heard about the parades of brunettes.