Only 1 in 8 Women Find Themselves Attractive


Only 13% of women can confidently declare themselves to be beautiful by nature. The study was conducted by the Dove British cosmetics brand.

Dove Evolution

The main thing that interested Dove professionals was to know what determined the confidence of women in their beauty. It has been found that much of our feeling beautiful is based on whether our environment believes us to be such. That is, we trust the compliments given by other people and public opinion in this matter.

But it is love that gives women the greatest confidence in their own attractiveness. 72% said they felt more beautiful, if someone (a friend, a husband or a boyfriend) loved them. But only 31% of the women were confident of their beauty due to good care about themselves.

50% of the women said they felt more attractive when they heard compliments. Sadly enough, one in four women could not remember when she heard her last compliment. Hey, men, is the hint clear?

The conclusions drawn by Dove are as follows: women should raise self-esteem. We have already mentioned that the company is going to emphasize it in their next advertising campaigns, inviting ordinary women to participate in the shoot. After all, we are very dependent on the views of others in assessing our own attractiveness.

The survey found that more than three-quarters of British women (78%) would like to see real women in the advertising of cosmetics rather than celebrities or teen models with their perfect skin.