Mental Beauty. Soft Toy for Two Little Geniusbeauties


Cute Soft Toy for Little GeniusbeautiesHere is one more task for your Mental Beauty, which is a bit more difficult. Two little Geniusbeauties went to a shop to buy a toy. The first Geniusbeauty lacked $10, and the second one lacked $1. They joined their funds and they still couldn’t afford to buy the toy, the money was still not enough. How much did the toy cost and how much did each of the two Geniusbeauties have?

You will find the correct answer in one of the next brain games (in a day or two). You are always welcome to ask questions about the task, in case something is not clear. But sorry, I will not answer leading questions.

And here is the solution to the previous brain gameMental Beauty. Bus and Children“: we are viewing the left side of the bus, which is going to the left, because we cannot see the doors, they are on the other side. For England, Thailand and so on the solution is the same, but vise versa.


  1. Geniusbeauty one had one cent and the other one had 9$ and one cent and the toy cost 10$ and one cent.

    ps. They are multiple solutions. Geniusbeauty one can have 1 to 99 cents. you can work out the rest.

  2. The resulting answer is somewhat indeterminate. The toy could have cost anything from $10.00 to $10.99 with the first child having zero thru 99 cents and the other $9.00 thru $9.99.

  3. Let’ try this:
    Genius 1 had 9
    Genius 2 had 0
    Toy was 10
    But why was genius 2 trying to buy something when he/she knew they no money?

  4. Assume the toy price is X :

    G1 : X – $10
    G2 : X – $1

    They joined the fund : G1+G2=2X – $11 $11

    So the price must be more than $11.
    G1 has less than $1 and G2 less than $10.
    Am I right? Did I win anything?
    Nice one 😀

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