Mental Beauty. Nuts and Bags


Today Geniusbeauty is opening the new category devoted to Mental Beauty. Here you will find different brain games needing logic to get the right result. Sometimes they are nonsense, sometimes funny, sometimes they need much time, but all of them make you smile, when you find the result. Here is one of the tasks needing your logic.

You have two plastic bags and 100 nuts. Divide these nuts among the bags so that one plastic bag contains twice as many nuts, as the other one. You cannot crack or eat nuts. You should use all 100 nuts for the task. How would you do it?

Thoughtful Woman


  1. Put 50 nuts inside each bag.
    Put one bag inside of the other.
    Interior bag holds 50 nuts.
    Exterior bag holds 100 nuts (and one plastic bag;P).

  2. That took maybe two seconds. A sixty seven -thirty three decision will give twice as many + 1 in the bag with sixty seven ( You didn’t say it had to be exactly twice, nor did you say it couldn’t be twice as many plus some ) Actually by this reasoning the lesser bag can contain from 1 thru 33, making thirty three different ways to do this.

    Then again maybe I misunderstood the problem?

  3. Doug, Bill, Su you gave the correct solution, very good! Should I go on publishing such brain games?

    Cliff, “one plastic bag contains twice as much nuts, as the other one” means exactly twice. And this means, it can’t be “twice as many plus some”, because the task would be too easy. Ok, next time the formulation of the task will be exacter. Thanks for your interest.

  4. I take everyone to task. “one plastic bag contains twice as MUCH (not MANY) nuts”. Thus the problem is one of weight not numerical quantity. Nuts (assuming edible, not the nut and bolt type) are not uniform so it would be relatively simple to weigh out three equal amounts and put two quantities in one bag and one in the other.

  5. Chris, that was my mistake, it should have been “twice as many nuts”, not “as much”, pardon. I’ve corrected it. The task was anyway not to weight the nuts.

    Joanne, why?

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