Why Men Prefer Tall and Slim Women


Now we know why tall and slim women look the most appealing to men. It’s all about geometry. The fact was discovered by psychologists from the University of Stockholm when they were studying the human perception of different geometrical figures. As a rule, tall women have straight shoulders and small waist, which makes their figure look like a square. The square, in its turn, is known to “call the tune” among geometrical figures, sitting at the top of their hierarchy. Compliance with this form earns its owner a status and image, arousing respect and admiration.


Women with “Round” Figure

Women with a round body shape would hardly appear on TV commercials or be a success in business. But there is a silver lining because men still regard round-shaped women as the most desired spouse.

Do Men Like Slim Women?

The pursuit of success, however, is affecting family life, too. ‘The more men (57% in 2007 vs. 38% in 1998) are looking for tall and slim wives’, – a co-author of the study psychologist Fride Kraigen says.

How Does an Ideal Woman Look Like?

Men’s craftiness knows no limits. For 58% of men, ideal lover is a woman of average or just below the average height. For 64%, ideal lover is supposed to have round-shaped body and just 11% would like to have a sexual intercourse with tall skinny woman of androgynous type.

Figure and Business

On the other hand, plumpness may help women to succeed in traditionally “male” businesses because their figure can delude men who tend to recognize serious competitors in highly representative “square” forms.


  1. monica i feel your pain
    i am 5″2 and slim. my husband is 6″1 and he adores tall girls. even i love him i am regrating whole thing. i am trying to be strong . i will live with low self esteem for rest of my life.

  2. when i read this i had to laugh where did u get ur info from? i know alot of men who love short woman and alot tell me they wanna be taller cause it just a man thing they want to feel like they protect there woman i think short woman are cute and sexy curves and just cause ur short doesnt mean u cant have sexy legs im a dancer and i have nice tone legs ive been told that by so many men now i think im a lil short to some i might not be im 5′ 5 130lbs 37′ 31′ 38 and i love my body and u girls should too 😀

  3. Well, let’s put it this way. Women with boyish-looking and athletic figures tend to have less sexual partners and affairs while in relationships. Women with curvy, feminine figures (wide hips, large breasts) are more likely to be promiscuous and have affairs while in relationships than boyish figure ones because feminine figures easily attract other men. There’s been numerous stories of curvy women being involved in affairs.

    • U r absolutely backwards guys go crazy over girls and women that are thin tall even bodies no big curves or big butts skinny girls rule. They just have what it takes for love making and flat chested women are number one with me and my friends the best sexy ones are straight figures and a nice gap very sexy those skinny women have beautiful personalities trust worthy and honest and the best sex ever

  4. Lame. So very very lame. All of us have the same, SAME issues, stop tearing people down who are already down. And to those of you who are down, stop kicking yourself down by listenting to those others faking they aren’t down by kicking you down, really, they feel worse than you! It really shows the selfhate to say “lal la la la la la, I’m bettter than you because of physical appearance!” Really? Get your head outta that magazine, because uh duh, you don’t live there! Ok, bye!

  5. it is true that tall leggy women do command a lot of attention and this has been fostered by the media and press as the most desiable in a women. I say that it is misleading and marginalising so many beautiful short women. I LOVE SHORT WOMEN they are just and in fact even more sexy, especially when they look after their bodies and keep them in fine tune. every time i see a short cutie i just want to take them home and spoil them. thats my contribution from Cape Town CHEERS

  6. this is sooo funny natural beauty ur hilarious girl i agree, and Monica girl, u shud have married a person who loves you for you, if they dont appreciate you for who u r y did u marry them in the first place? well all i can tell you is appreciate urself da way u, cuz for otherz to appreciate u u have to appreciate urself first, and really how bad cud u be if he married u, i think all the negative thoughts u are thinkin is all in ur head hun learn to appreciate urself. i personally believe beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and heightz, i also believe we all have preference, but we wud be wrong to say tall is better than short, or short better than tall, jus cuz u prefer sumtin different dont mak the other thing bad come on people lets not do this SMH!!!!!!!!

  7. I’m 5’1 and my boyfriend of four years is 6’5 but we both happen to match each other’s favorite body type. I love being short, in fact I would prefer to be shorter but I can’t change that. I think tiny is the most beautiful, but tall is beautiful too! I need to follow my own advice and stop wishing to shrink, but women should be confident in themselves and their height!

  8. “Now we know why tall and slim women look the most appealing to men.” DO we…? That’s a load of tosh…. I’m a man… I’m 6’4″ and I am not attracted to tall women at all.. slim or otherwise. I like women to be around 5′ 4″ with an hourglass figure and 8-10 stone. so a standard height and a healthy weight.

    Tall, thin and square… describes a male shape… I don’t fancy that, and few men do.

  9. ooh!wat da fuck is wrng wit people??!fuck da media!fuck da modern world!@monica,plz be hapi n raise ur self esteem,,if ur husbnd doesnt lyk ur shape,am sure he doesnt love u as wel.am short bt blv me i turn heads,,,,being tal slim round is all 4 men weto b hapi. ¥¥

  10. monica,i look exactly like you and an idiot obessed by models rejected me,i hope you dumped that idiot husband of yours,if he never liked you,why did he ever had sex with you,why did he married you?i’ll tell you why,because he’s such a looser that no one wanted him,he’ll end up alone.do you think that if he’ll have a model he’ll respect her and trully love her?no,he’ll offend her for other reasons,men like him have a mental problem,they have a problem,not you,i had a boyfriend who admitted i’m not the perfect woman of his dreams,but never criticised my looks,he callled me pretty,he told me he will love me no matter how i’ll look when i’ll be old,he didnt worshiped my body but he liked me for who i am,such men exist and you will find one,just get rid of the garbage in your house,you know who i mean,he doesnt deserve the name man

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