Why Do People Argue More on Holidays?


In their article in The Psychological Science journal, German psychologists have given arguments to show why holidays spoil the relations between people, increasing the risk of family conflicts.

Sad man

The scientists have conducted a survey among several thousands of Europeans to draw a conclusion that 68.4 percent of people are marked with the increased aggression during the period of big holidays.

What Causes Holiday Conflicts?

According to the survey, the notorious “festive” state of conflict is caused by several factors:

  • increased expectations (a lot of participants of the study pointed out that they expected from the holidays if not magic, than at least the resolution of some problems, often connected with their partner);
  • dissatisfaction with the received gifts;
  • fatigue from excessive pre-holiday bustle;
  • a sudden need to spend much more time together than on weekdays.

These reasons are completely different in their essence, but according to the authors of the study, they are the most frequent catalyst for passionate quarrels between dears and nears.

How to Resolve the Conflict

Thus, the psychologists give some helpful tips on how to neutralize a conflict during holidays. For example, they recommend that couples should remember that the holidays themselves require a positive and restful atmosphere. Hence, the best way out is to postpone the squabble. If the row has already occurred, one should not blame the partner, but admit his own part of guilt openly making no haste for reconciliation. Both sides of the conflict will need some time to calm down and reflect on what has happened.

And the main advice on the part of the psychologists is not to discuss the conflict at the festive table trying to defeat the partner in public.

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