What Turns on Most in a Man?


What defines and directs this mysterious chemistry that flows between men and women? Maybe women know more about it than mere males… Will they tell? In a private questioning by their current boyfriend, unlikely, but for a survey they may lay their hearts bare. What about perusing the results of bare-laid hearts of over 4,500 women of various ages and social positions? Or is it too much of a giveaway? Well, anyway, the cat’s out of the bag now for all who care to know.

What do women want?

What points will be the most brow-raising for you? The one that women don’t appreciate the common gift of flowers and chocolates? Or the one about not relying on males for advice? See for yourself, and here’s the lowdown.

Man has long been associated with financial security, and this association grows on women as they get older. At the age 21 to 25 only 12% of ladies dream of a financial mogul, most of them want perfection, arguably embodied in a great body. When they get to 26 (to 35) stability becomes the dominant demand, along with good looks. But when they get on the wrong side of 35, financial security is wanted by 48%.

Gifts are expected from men as a matter of fact, but if once the traditional offering of flowers or candies caused universal acclaim, now it is looked upon benignly by 9% only. 54% want to get something which shows that men have applied much thought to it. And when the gift is costly, 75% of women automatically think that it has strings attached.

Do women believe in men’s cleverness? Here we are treading on thin ice, for nowadays 75% of women like just to be listened to attentively, and only 25% would like men to take over their troubles and solve them. BUT! Almost all women (91%) are ready to listen to their men’s advice if asked politely whether they want it.

Men would do well to look closely at their girlfriends’ dads, for 68% are known to go for a man who resembles their fathers – although 32% would opt for somebody quite different. That’s a teaser!

But when we come to the car, the situation is far too obvious: drive a car that shows your wealth! For 79% of women would think a man too negligent if he drives a car inferior to his financial possibilities.

Read and heed, males!

What do women want?