Top Tips To Finding Love When You’re Shy


I know it can be hard when you have a crush on someone and you start to get all nervous and sweaty when they are around. But what if you’re an introvert and naturally shy in these situations, then this can make things even worse.

In your head it seems so easy, the shy person steps up to the hot person and simply asks them out, easy right?! We know it’s not as easy as that, especially if you have a tendency to be socially awkward, naturally shy and friend zoned often. But fear not, read on for our top tips on finding love, even when you’re shy.

Online Dating

Meeting your match online is the perfect way to overcome some of your social anxieties. Joining a chat room will present you with a roomful of singles looking for love. This is the perfect setting to perfect your love finding skills. The awkward social barrier is removed and online you can practice chatting to potential matches and increase your confidence within hours. This is a great way of getting and organizing dates without the prolonged heart thumbing sweaty palms build up beforehand.

Speed Dating

Again aiming to build confidence here speed dating is a great way to meet people who are potential matches. Speed dating removes the awkward prolonged buildup of hoping you have enough courage to talk to someone. You simply sit down and go for it, or better still you stay right where you are and different people sit opposite you every ten minutes! Breaking the ice and introducing yourself becomes natural when speed dating presents you with a new potential partner, you will physically see your confidence growing with every encounter you have. Sign up and get chatting at your next local speed dating event.

They Are Just A Person

Remembering that they are just a person sounds simple enough. But very often when your crush walks in they do appear to have landed from another planet of hot people and you must not approach them!

Don’t forget we are all the same creature, I bet you are not shy when talking to the person behind the checkout counter or even members of your own family. Well by taking this approach when speaking with people you like will work wonders for you.

Some of the people you like may well be able to sense your fear a mile off, so approach them as you would anybody else, they are no different, keep telling yourself that!

Speak With All

Limiting yourself to talking to, or avoiding people you fancy will only fuel your anxieties. You must start speaking with all people in your path. By building rapport, relationships and friendships with all will increase your confidence. Speak and connect with people that you are not attracted to, find common ground, build up a good network of being able to say hello and chat with a variety of people. This will not only build your social status but keep you practicing your conversational skills for when your next connection turns into your next relationship.

Online Tutorials

Don’t see this as cheating, but there is a whole underworld online of experts teaching people like you and me how to pick up potential partners. Trust me they know what they are talking about. Online tutorials are a great way to pick up tips and tricks to break these social barriers and practice your interaction with others. This world of social attraction has been perfected by some and with a few quick searches, they can give you some of the simplest of secrets to help you overcome your shyness and lack of confidence approaching people you like.

All about you

This may seem like a rather arrogant step forward but making it all about you will help you build confidence and shape the way you interact with others. Concentrating on yourself, for the time being, will help you achieve goals in life. Working hard and gaining a promotion, finishing off some qualifications, learning to drive, joining a sports club and getting healthier all shape who you are and who you attract. All of these targets and goals will build your own personal confidence and sense of achievement. In turn, this will empower your natural ability to meet others on the same path as you and they will certainly notice how well you are doing. The indirect confidence you build over time will start to shine through and you will merge into the person that everyone wants to be with.

Abou the author

My name is Jonathan Draper and I’m an online dating specialist with a degree in Psychology from North Carolina State University. I like to study human behavior and ways of communication and my main goal is to enable strangers to find and introduce themselves to new personal connections over the internet.