Sleep Position Reveals Personality


Australian psychologists have identified a number of sleep positions that can determine the nature and personality of a person, writes Psiche.

Your Sleep Position Reveals Your Personality

According to the specialists, it is during sleep that a man is revealed at a subconscious level. Only four basic positions were previously known:

  • fetus position (curled-up manner, lying on the side), expressing the need for protection;
  • outstretched position (lying on stomach, with arms extended upward and straight legs), which is usually chosen by obliging, precise and focused people;
  • royal position (lying on the back, hands behind his head) expressing immense self confidence;
  • semi-fetus position (lying on the side with half-bent legs), which is usually chosen by sensible and even-tempered people.

Now, Australian psychologists have added a few more sleep positions to the list:

  • master’s position (lying on the stomach, gradually shifting in the middle of the bed, putting the pillow under himself) corresponds to a responsible and idealistic person, a good lover and a strong professional, steadily going up the career ladder);
  • support-seeker position (curled into a ball, like a cat) – it is usually chosen by a man unsure of himself, who needs a strong partner, a woman defender; this is a good man but a bad father; not a careerist;
  • balanced position (lying on the side, with their arms round a pillow or a loved woman) – reasonable and quiet man who very well knows what he wants from life, he is a good family man and a gentle lover; a good leader at work;
  • “Center of the Universe” position (lying on the side as close as possible to a partner face to face) – a non-amorous man, but who value home comfort and a woman-wife; not jealous; easily cheats; selfish lover, not a careerist;
  • uncompromising position (lying on the back, across the bed) – usually a one-woman man, wonderful family man, but dictatorial and tolerates no compromise; at work, this man is typically aimed primarily at financial well-being.

So what is your man’s sleep position?

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