Signs that Your Marriage is Not Over


Relationships are hard. And marriage is one of the hardest relationships to maintain, especially in today’s day and age, when most people are willing to throw in the towel rather than make the effort to resolve their differences. In fact, many family law lawyers state that too many couples look at divorce as a first option rather than the last.

A lot of times, a little bit of effort, communication, and understanding between partners can go a long way in saving a beautiful relationship. So, before you give up on the love of your life, look out for some signs that will tell you your marriage is not over yet.

He’s Not Perfect – But Neither Are You

A lot of times, we focus on the behavior of our spouses, blaming them for everything that is wrong in the relationship. However, if you are able to see that there are times when your behavior may have triggered reactions, which consequently led to the relationship worsening, then your marriage may not be over.

It takes two to tango, and sometimes, changing the way you communicate could mean the difference between a happy marriage and a bitter divorce.

Little Things About Him Still Make You Smile

If you have fond memories of your times together – a sudden whiff of a particular smell (like his cologne or that special meal that he loves) that brought back happy memories, then you might want to rethink things. Strange as it may sound, but your senses can actually guide you to make the right decision. Sit down and analyze whether there are still things about your relationship that make you happy.

Family Comes First

Here’s another hint that your marriage may survive – if both of you feel that family should come first. This does not mean that you stay together for the sake of the kids. It means that you both still like doing things together as a family – that you’re happy when you get to spend quality time as a family. It might be a starting point to rekindling that relationship.

You Still Go Out on Dates

One of the biggest things that takes a backseat when you’re married with kids is your personal life. Marriage becomes monotonous. However, if you both still find time to go out on dates with each other, where you spend time with each other, then that is an indication that your marriage is still worth saving.

You Can Talk to Your Spouse

No matter how much you fight, or disagree, your spouse is still the person you feel safest talking to about how you truly feel. If this is the case, then your relationship definitely can be saved.

You Think of Each Other as a Team

If you and your husband still band together as a team when times get tough, then this is a marriage worth saving. While it is necessary to view yourself as an individual, when the time comes, if you view your relationship as a partnership, where you and your spouse work as a team, then there is a higher likelihood that you can work out your differences.

You Are Still Attracted to Each Other

If you still feel attracted to each other, then that is a good sign that things could possibly work out between the two of you.

At the end of the day, marriage is a life-long commitment. While there is no doubt that there are some relationships that are so toxic that divorce or separation is the only solution, most relationships can be worked out with love, open channels of communication and understanding.