Sexual Prelude


Traditional advice from sex experts goes: “No copulation without preliminary petting, otherwise, your partner won’t get a sexual pleasure”. Now, the whole thrust of sex theories might change. Large-scale studies of female orgasm showed that reaching this thrilling experience doesn’t depend on amorous stimulation.

British and Czech scientists challenged the common view of female orgasm. They examined 2360 women of different ages asking them about their sexual life – petting experiences, sexual intercourse and, of course, orgasm. The findings of this study were published in Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The results of studies revealed that the average duration of petting was 15.4 minutes. The average time of genital contact was 16.2 minutes. But there was more down the line. Scientists discovered that there was actually no link between erotic caresses and the peak of sexual arousal. In fact, reaching orgasm directly depended on the length of intercourse.

According to Stuart Brody from the University of the West of Scotland and Petr Weiss from the Karlova University in Prague, these findings challenge what most sex experts are saying about female orgasm. It is more important to focus on the length of sexual intercourse.

Whether the woman can achieve orgasm depends not on the sexual prelude, but on the duration of sex.
Scientists pointed out that their data about the length of satisfying sex disagreed with those previously published in the US, saying that 5-7 minutes were enough to reach an orgasm. The researches think that’s all about the sensitivity of Europeans and increased determination of Americans.

Well, there are no two couples similar in their sexual life. Each couple, whatever their nationality, should decide whether they need sexual prelude.


  1. Nope sex is impossible without the prelude. Penetration can turn on only men. Women need caress and romantic, it can’t be true.

  2. As for me it only hurts without the prelude. My husband always spends some time to “warm me up” so that I also get orgasm. It’s a must of every partner.

  3. No way man, shouldn’t take more than like 30 seconds of boobie rubbbin to get that shit ready to be smashed, gotta have the right touch

  4. Agree with Isida: no sex without the prelude! My boyfriend knows I can’t come without some petting. This is women’s nature, we are not sex machines (unlike men).

  5. I mostly agree with you all. Sex with my girlfriend almost always involves a “prelude” although I never let it fall into a routine. Sometimes I start with lube, instant intercourse, then backup and start the foreplay or even pillow talk. Surprise! So the intercourse is prolonged and almost tantric in nature since it’s not really the focus at first.

    But the best sex we ever had was when we passed each other in the hallway and we both “zigged” at the same time. She walked right into my chest and bounced off and I grabbed her waist to steady her. I watched her eyes transform from shock and surprise to instant sexual desire at being “roughed up” once she realized it was an accident. I saw the change and pounced on the opportunity. I kissed her hard, physically half dragged, half carried her into the bedroom and my normally shy girl turned into a wildcat. Unfortunately, I’m convinced it only worked because it started as an accident so as yet I’ve not figured out how to recreate such a scenario. Perhaps there’s just no beating serendipity.

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