Relationships Make Women Unhealthy


Doctor of Medicine Alex Likerman together with a group of scientists from the University of Chicago have conducted a survey of 1500 women of all ages to reach the conclusion that women’s physical health is significantly influenced by the negative experience of their past relationships.

Woman hugging man

In fact, the new research reveals that almost 98% of the ladies had a good reason to feel insulted by their former partners, bosses and relatives.

But in 70% of the cases, the ladies who had a grievance or a grudge, experienced permanent health problems. Most experts name such illnesses as heart disease, stomach ulcers and chronic pain. The author of the study says that in some cases, anger is a justified feeling, but one thing is clear: it affects health and relationships in a bad way. It has been discovered that the major part of those 70% of the offended ladies, namely 38%, cannot forgive their former beloved anyway, and the remaining 32% have arguments with their relatives, friends and complain about some abnormal situations.

The experts advise to try and cope with negative emotions, and if one cannot do that, it is desirable to address a psychologist. According to Alex Likerman, forgiveness and the release of grievances does not only improve the quality of life, but also one’s physical health. For this purpose, the researcher recommends to find the root of the problem, and not to wait for the abuser to act. The lady should be the first to seek reconciliation and tell as calmly as possible about her feelings. It is important, according to the scientists, to get rid of the feeling of anger and the desire to punish no matter how the conversation will go.

Source of the image: Photl.