Is Polygamy Ok?


Scientists have recently discovered that polygamy is part of our human nature. This way we can find the reasons behind the fact that many of us get involved in the so-called love triangles. Sexologists explain this tendency by saying that each of us has three centers of love emotions. Each centre is responsible for, respectively, passion, attachment, and romantic relationships. Hence, this is the reason why any person can have not only one but two or even three objects of affection.


The abovementioned centres need not to be triggered towards the same person. For instance, you can enjoy having conversations with one partner, but enjoy sex with the other one. What brings us to this “lust” is nothing else but the versatility of our human nature.

The current common-law trend marriage proves this. This trend once again shows: humans are naturally polygamous – since the common belief says that relationships which are not sealed by law provide extra freedom of action. Yet, for a great number of people living together it means checking out whether they will be able to live together for many years under the same roof once they are married.


  1. I agree that without cultural constraints people would choose multiple partners, and have probably one true friend long term. However saying “polygamous” implies that only men would want multiple partners. I think that if women truly lived in a society where they could give themselves economic security, and naming children did not follow the male line, and children were cared for by all, they would love to have many partners. There are some societies where this still goes on, and in the past this has existed. However patriarchy and ownership of both women, the economic wealth they produce (weaving, farming etc) and their children, maintained by violence (look at our past, and the living conditions of most women of the world today) has made it seem as if women don’t want to explore sexuality and maleness. Women have been pretty damaged by cultural deprivation of their economic and sexual nature, so it is hard for many women to truly imagine such a life, but if you hear them speak, joke and watch what they do, one can see that such a switch would not be so hard if culturally sanctioned, and accompanied by affection and dignity. It is such a huge paradigm shift, which men would have to make mainly as they are the ones stopping women having education, lack of childcare, double-standards, harsh judgments on women, physical restrictions eg why are females not taught
    when little to have martial arts and to be able to defend themselves? and so on while one is speculating how things could change and our basic natures be explored under other cultural rules

  2. spin.. spouts the usual platitudes which are not borne out by science any more.
    Women don’t want a macho guy who might protect them and also kill his own kids, and her. It is often territorial and jock male culture that downgrades the masculinity of the good guy (see “wimp” etc labels men here use on other men to control them and the control the values of the male grouping they are in) and influences how society sees that type of man. Women mostly in the world do not have choice of partner, it is their male relatives that choose, supposedly in their interests. Don;t judge all women from what you see in the West.

    In times of great social stress women always are allowed out of the home to help defend, worldwide check it out in last century women’s role, and then they are forced back into the home.

    I could argue, with scientific proof, the women instinctually want to have as many partners as possible in order the spread their genes, including the intelligence one, but are forceably prevented from doing this, at the same time not being educated or allowed to economically support themselves. This is why all cultures have the notion that women’s “slutty” innate sexuality must be controlled, supposedly for the good of society, but as women don’t have much social say anywhere, how do we know how women would interpret the good of society if they truly had public power and control over weapons and an intergendered army for protection?

  3. In many countries women still have enough power and control. Do you know, in Sweden politics is considered to be such an unimportant issue that only women should be involved in it.

  4. And this is why they pay so many unnecessary taxes to have no homeless people, for example. They’d better work, not just get the money from the government (actually from those who work and pay those taxes). This is crazy and stupid. And this is the only way women can govern the country…..

  5. You are a real chauvinist! If women governed all countries, there wouldn’t be so many wars!

  6. Aha, presidents would only chat on the phone with each other about lipstick, skirts and creams without even thinking of the people’s lifes.

  7. Exactly. And all the summits would start with a tradition of slicing cucumber for the eyes

  8. In Islam Polygamy is allowed, & a man can marry max 4 women at a time.
    Islam also says that women should not be a leader, like leader of a nation.
    & everything that was said 1400 years ago, is being proved 100% ryt.
    Why don’t u ppl still think????
    Islam gave us an ideal way of life,,1400 years ago, but still we don’t want to even see ,that what Islam really is.

  9. Polygamy works well for us. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I prefer polygamy to monogamy for so many reasons. And no, I’m not religious. I’m just a spirited free-thinker who sees a good thing when I see it. 🙂

  10. truely woman has more capacity to enjoy polgamy than man if allowed, most woman will love to experience it but problem is and was she who gets pregnant. with birth control pills etc I think now woman have earned that freedom to enjoy what they are always superior at and we men should respect that

  11. very interesting topic. well if u can really manage 4 wifes then U can live in the heaven.. GOSH 4osome!!!!! guys get really rich and get urself in islam.. then the life is like a heaven also for this reason u will be rewared too after wards.

    But actually Islam said that u only marry when u can do the same justice to all wifes!! but do u think that any human being can do the equal justice to all 4 wives???? so for this reason this concept becomes void.. dont give Islam a wrong name with Ur (Guys) Nasty Dream.

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