An Online Dating Guide for Introverts


Online dating is a great way for introverts to find romantic partners. It can be done from the comforts of your own home and you don’t have to face the pressure of personally talking to someone you are not comfortable with. It can be quite challenging in the beginning, but this guide will give you some helpful tips that will help you make the most out of online dating.

Be true to yourself

A lot of introverts feel that they have to act and talk like an extrovert in order to fit in. They fill their profiles with information about things that they don’t really like or pretend to do activities that they are really not interested in. But, doing this would just make it harder for yourself. In fact, there are tons of people out there who are just like you and they would love to get to know you! Other introverts are attracted to people who are just like them, so there’s no need to hide what your personality truly is.

Use niche dating sites

If you are not comfortable with the possibility of thousands of people viewing your profile, then choose to make an account in niche dating sites. Choose a couple of dating sites, read reviews, browse them a bit before signing up. This kind of dating sites focuses on a group of people who share similar cultures, hobbies, interests, jobs, beliefs, etc. This way, you will only be exposing your profile to a limited number of people and you can be sure that they possess a characteristic that you like.

Practice making the first move

If you really want to find your soulmate, it is essential for you to engage in conversation and make the first move most of the time, regardless if you are male or female. There is no point in joining a dating site if you don’t want to exchange messages with another person. You can start small and craft short but sweet messages for the person that caught your eye. If this does not yield results, then start modifying your messages and try making it longer. Be patient with yourself, too. It is okay if you get ignored on your first few tries. You’ll get better.

Plan your first meeting together

After exchanging messages online, you have to meet each other personally. But, you don’t need to put too much pressure on yourself – you can share it. Plan an afternoon or evening together. You can choose to do something that you both like and actually enjoy the time together, not sit together in awkward silence.

Research! Research! Research!

Before you meet a virtual friend, do some research on his or her background, especially if he or she comes from another culture. Remember, American dating is different from European, Latina, and Asian dating. Other cultures may have different values and perceptions, and you have to respect that. Good research is a great way to equip yourself with the right knowledge on how to act around them and impress them.

Lastly, keep on trying!

Don’t feel bad if things don’t turn out favorably for you. Even the most good-looking and intelligent people get rejected, too. Keep your heart strong and always try again. You can allow yourself some time to recover from the blow, but always pick yourself up. You can also check some other online dating tips that will help you step-up your game. Remember, your soulmate may just be somewhere in cyberspace and is just waiting for you to find him or her, so don’t give up!