Never Marry These Kinds of Men


American pastor Pat Connor has conducted more than 200 wedding ceremonies over 40 years. Observing the lives of the people, who stood at his altar, the priest wrote a book about the men whom the girls should never marry.

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In the book “Whom Not to Marry”, Pat has listed several types of men, with whom the marriage is likely to fail.

This list includes the following types of men:

  • mama’s boys;
  • the men, who have no friends;
  • those who can treat a woman in a cruel way and can humiliate her in public;
  • the men, who can easily be rude with the staff;
  • irresponsible men;
  • the men without any sense of humor.

The priest also reminded young and trusting girls to control their feelings and not to fall in love with indecent men.