Men Don't Prefer Skinny Women


Here is some cheering news for young women who are so unhappy with their “imperfect” bodies. Men fall for women with ordinary body and normal weight, rather than catwalk skeletons.


Research team from the University of St Andrews, Scotland, invited a group of students for their study. 84 female students were asked about their health, had their blood pressure measured, and photographed. Then, a male group, also involved in the study, were shown the photos and asked to assess the female students in terms of attractiveness and health. Majority of young men preferred female students with normal weight.

In this study, female students with normal healthy weight were rated the highest for attractiveness and health. This should be considered by young women believing they have to get slimmer to be attractive. Researchers encourage women to rely on the assessment by men aged between 18 and 26 years who were largely attracted by women with normal weight, rather than skinny role models like Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie.

Complete research appeared in Perception on Wednesday, December 9.

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