How to Know if Your Relationship is Really Working


Sometimes we plan so much but never manage to actually fulfill our expectations… Unfortunately, it happens too often, especially with relationships. We create a perfect image and do our best to stick to it. However, it does not mean that we will get the much-needed support from our beloved one. And while every partnership is unique, we (with the assistance of our friends from RomanceCompass Scam) still managed to distinguish some sure signs that your relationship is working and can eventually become something stronger and bigger.

tic-tac-toe-love-win-chalk-relationships-dating1. You successfully live together

One of the most obvious indicators of prosperous relationships is sharing the same apartment. You see, it’s quite hard for people to share the living space. People often start living together and understand that they just can’t stand each other’s habits, life regimes, and overall behavior. If you actually manage to find harmony, your relationship is on the right rail. If not, you need to pay more attention to compromising; otherwise, it’s not going to work. Most couples decide to live together either too soon or too late, so pay extra attention to this decision.

2. Your communication is perfect

Communication is indeed the most underestimated constituent of any kind of relationships. It’s not only about how you talk and exchange information. Is it okay for you to be really busy for several days and have only brief talks, and then meet and appreciate your time together? Do you feel that your partner is 100% honest with you? Do you share the same cultural backgrounds? If all the answers are “yes”, you are doing just right.

3. Your sex life is ideal

love-dating-flowers-romance-relationships-coumple-marriageOnce again, communication plays an extremely important role in your relationship development. Communication in bed is a more significant indicator of your flourishing feelings. You see, becoming “best friends” in bed sometimes takes more time and effort than becoming actual friends in other aspects. Therefore, if you click and understand each other perfectly while having sex, your relationship are psychologically solid and smooth.

4. You stopped looking for extra options

You know how it works in the modern world: when we start a relationship with someone who moderately fits our ideas of a perfect partner, we still save some extra people if something goes wrong. It’s not about physical or emotional cheating. We just text those people from time to time, keeping them relatively close, “just in case”. Well, when your relationship goes fine and you feel absolutely happy about what’s happening in your life, you no longer seek extra options. You will not even notice this change.

5. Your parents and friends support your partnership

Even though parental approval is no longer needed to start a relationship or get married, we are still somewhat affected by the opinions of our closest relatives and friends. Therefore, if you feel that your parents and comrades fully support you and your partner, you become 100% assured of your relationship’s future. However, this one is optional.