How Your Engagement Ring Style Reflects Your Relationship


The average engagement ring costs over $6,000. Given the hefty price tag, this isn’t a decision you want to take lightly. The engagement ring style is particular to each woman and her vision for her dream ring. When dropping hints for your engagement ring, consider the following styles and what they might signify about your relationship.

Radiant Cut

Radiant cut ring styles are specifically crafted to enhance the shine and sparkle of the gem. If you gravitate toward a radiant cut engagement ring then you and your significant other are outgoing conversationalists who enjoy social settings.

Engraved Bands

If you opt for an engraved band there is likely an inside joke or meaningful quote you want to be included. Engraved bands tend to be chosen by couples who are very close to one another. They mean your relationship is full of laughter and intimacy.

Three Matching Stones

The three matching stones style has a significant meaning. It shows the relationship’s past, present, and future – a sentimental symbolism. Besides the meaning behind the style, this ring is perfect for women looking for an elegant fit. Three matching stones signify a couple who are true romantics at heart.

Solitaire Setting

If you decide on a solitaire style engagement ring you are likely an organized couple. In fact, you both probably fall into the category of minimalists. This delicate style of ring is uncluttered and classy. Couples who enjoy the simple things in life and living in simplicity will gravitate toward this style of engagement ring.


Opting for a cushion cut is a decision made by fashionable soon-to-brides who are looking for a style to go with every outfit and any occasion. This style is intricate without being ‘too much’. Couples who opt for this style tend to be interested in a ring that can be shown off but not draw too much attention.

Round Stone

Round stones are timeless and traditional, making them a go-to for the conservative couple. If you dream of a big white wedding with plenty of tulle and a traditional ceremony, this may be the ring for you. A bride with this ring is loyal at heart and faithful to her future spouse.

Morganite Ring

If you’re looking for something outside the norm of a diamond ring, Morganite Rings gives a twist on the traditional diamond. Morganite rings are likely to stand out as opposed to the mass of traditional diamonds chosen by most brides. This ring type is available in all ring cuts and styles.

If you pick a morganite ring, you and your spouse are likely nontraditional adventurers who enjoy the outdoors and going on adventures. 21% of women will end up going to a jeweler to browse without their future fiance. Use your browsing time wisely and try as many styles as you can to find the perfect match.

Ring style says a lot about you and your relationship. It’s a big investment and a decision you shouldn’t make lightly. If you’re having trouble deciding, try heading into a jeweler to get a first-hand feel for how each style will fit your hand. For more fashion tips read our latest blog posts.