How to Get Rid of Sex Headaches?


When women don’t feel like having a hot and passionate night making a beast with two backs, they usually say they are put out by a headache. Yet, it turns out that sex can bring on headaches in men rather than in women.


Scientists say that orgasmic cephalalgia, or sex-caused headaches, are registered in something like 1% of men – although this number can be greater since many men don’t reveal that they are afflicted in this way.

They may not think much of it, not much enough to go telling their doctor, or be too embarrassed to do so, and the doctors often omit to inquire.

Too bad, because, as neurologists believe, these kinds of headache can mean that there are health threats. In some cases the underlying reasons are tension or migraines, and these are practically inoffensive. But, on the other hand, some of them can be the evidence of grave health disorders, which may be brain aneurysm, haemorrhage, or a stroke.

Sexual activity ends up in headaches in men up to four times more frequently than in women, neurologists say, and some of them can be extremely painful, causing severe frustration to both the sufferers and their partners.

Such conditions, known as HAS (i.e. headaches linked with sexual activity), come in various versions, starting from a dull ache in the back of the head and the neck. These are commonly caused by tension and set in from the start, getting worse as the heat goes up.

Then, you may get smitten by the after-sex onset which can differentiate in severity; it usually gets worse when the person stands up (and the brain shifts down) and abates when he lies down.

There is also the worst of them, dubbed a “thunderclap” headache, which descends like a bolt from the blue during the orgasm and claims all of the attention. It was described by a sufferer as “being hit with a hammer” and doesn’t let up until after a few hours have passed.

Headaches and strain of sexual intercourse have been linked since Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician, pointed out the connection. Back in 2004 HAS was classified by the International Headache Society as a form of primary headache that has to do with sex as quite a strenuous way of exercising.

Ways to deal with it? Before resorting to medication, you can see that you get enough exercise, you are not overweight and not dumbed by too much alcohol.

Headache experts state that medicines can help depending on the kind of the onset, and it is recommended that sufferers should undergo a complete neurological examination to discover a possible presence of threatening secondary causes. It will be especially helpful when you have just begun to experience sex-related headaches.