Cheating Causes Addiction


According to a new survey conducted by the British scientists, most married men are ready to ditch a new car or a vacation, but not hesitate to spend time with their mistresses. Only less than 1% of men admitted that they could spend the night alone solely for the sake of saving money. At the same time, 16% are willing to make a sacrifice for the sake of women by purchasing a new car, and 15% of those surveyed expressed a willingness to postpone improvement of living conditions.

Man and woman

The same number of men are ready to give up attending football matches. 11% of respondents prefer sexual relations to having a gym subscription, while 10% are ready to go with an outdated model of a mobile phone. About 6% of respondents could reject spending a holiday in an exotic country, traveling out of town on weekends, and even celebrating some important events in order to meet regularly with their partners.

As noted by the lead researcher Sara Hartley, men that cheat on their wives, by psychological characteristics, are much like players that are addicted to gambling. Addiction to cheating makes one to enjoy risking, because adrenalin derived from secret meetings is sometimes compared even with that of extreme sports. At the same time, adultery can cause an addiction similar to alcoholism or drug addiction, forcing one to give up things necessary in other contexts for this sake.

Source of the image: Photl.