7 Signs of a Mature Man


Today we are talking about the symptoms of mental health of a mature man. Check your partner!


1. He has a subtle sense of humor

It means not to laugh heartily each time someone has fallen or each time somebody’s skirt is windblown. It means more dramatic laughter. It is not only pleasant, but it also reveals the quality work of the frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex.

2. He knows how to cook

He has at least 2-3 dishes that he cooks brilliantly well. This indicates a developed sense of responsibility and maturity.

3. He has some interesting hobby

A mature male has an occupation which he likes, but he should not be a fanatic. This also excludes computer games and gambling.

4. He does blame other people in a critical situation

He analyzes the situation and makes a decision.

5. He uses literary language

Profanity and swear words, on the contrary, are used rarely.

6. He is eager to try something sweet

This means that his nerve cells get enough nutrition. He prefers to solve problems peacefully – without shouting and battering.

7. He loves curvy female hips

The fans of skinny butts are infantile and irresponsible at the back of their mind. Besides, it is a sign of a latent homosexual.

Suspicious behavior in men

The following signs may indicate that men have an unhealthy psyche:

A man cannot stand the look and immediately looks away, which is a sign of the aggressor.
He has a dull countenance or a face that resembles a frozen mask – he suffers from frequent and unmotivated psychosis.
He counts the change in a restaurant to a penny, does not leave any tip and casually tells you how much you have eaten – it is a clear sign of greed and pathological jealousy. Again, this is due to organic brain disorders. Most probably, he has problems with potency.
When laughing, he moves his head back and opens his mouth wide. On the one hand, it is a sign of a jealous psychopath, and on the other hand, he might be an impenitent adulterer.
Gambling means he just wants a lot and immediately; he does not care about anyone and your opinion in particular. He feels you owe him everything – especially if, among other things, he drinks alcohol. All these symptoms taken together prove his reduced intelligence and despotism.