6 Men Types for Women to Avoid


The Perfect Man does not exist, and one simply has to reconcile with the drawbacks of the partner, but one can also try to change him. There are 6 types of men that cannot be changed and thus cannot be tolerated. Women should better terminate all relations with such men.


The Italian Psicologia journal has published the psychologists’ appeal to women, in which they warn the women, what men are to be avoided for a lifetime.

The universal classification of “nasty” types is designed to keep the ladies from the useless waste of time and fruitless attempts to re-shape the upbringing of their partner, who can hardly respond to her efforts.

These types of men are as follows:

  1. Man-dependant (read gigolo)
  2. Man-alcoholic
  3. Man-psychological sadist
  4. Man-mama’s boy
  5. Man-aggressor
  6. Man-profligate

Italian psychologists emphasize that all efforts “to work” on such men will lead to nowhere, as their key problems simply cannot be solved. The experts advise that women should not lose their time and immediately separate with their partner if he displays the predominant features of any particular type from the list.

However, according to the statistics given in the paper, only 24% of Italian women are able to decisively terminate their relations with “inappropriate” men. The vast majority of women indicated that they would try either to reshape their partner, or would tolerate his drawbacks for the sake of preserving the relationship.

Source of the image: Photl.