45 is the Time When Sex Life Begins to Wane, a Study Says


A study commissioned by Kwai garlic revealed a sorry decline of sex life as individuals are approaching their 45th year.

Sex after 45

1,752 people over 45 were questioned about their sex life, and the survey showed that at this age sex has too many strings attached for a lot of 45s.

About 60 per cent admitted to not feeling randy anymore, and almost everyone agreed that their sex life was at its liveliest at 36 (wonder what people of this age have to say about it?).

Those who still indulge in carnal pleasures find having sex once a week is quite enough, in a session of about 22 minutes long including foreplay. 31 per cent complain of exhaustion setting in and making them hurry through the final stage.

Many of over-45s fear the onset of a heart attack and choose to forgo the vigorous activity.

50 per cent say that sex is the sole workout left for them.

The spokesperson for Kwai garlic pointed out that a healthy lifestyle combined with proper heart care is instrumental for enjoying sex deep into the 40s, and maintaining a regular sex activity may help keep up optimum heart health and bring more pleasure into life.

Source of the image: Msnbc.msn.com.


  1. are you kidding me. I’m over 50 and my sex life has never been better – it helps if you have the right partner. I don’t believe that people in their 30’s are getting in on as much as this survey would suggest. Most people in their 30’s are busy juggling kids, building careers, buying homes, etc. and are usually exhausted and have no time for sex. Many studies have shown that once kids come into the picture, the romance and sex goes down the tubes. And once a week is not enough. People – the more you get it the more you want it. So get with it!!!!

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