3 Sex Myths Busted


We have all heard about the dangers of office romance and the incorrectness of sex on the first date. Tracey Cox, an expert in the field of relations from the UK, refutes popular myths about sex.


Myth 1. Don’t Have Sex with co-workers

The more you stay near someone who you are sexually attracted to, the stronger the lust will be. The brain is constantly producing special hormones, and you want to be with your colleague always and everywhere. There is nothing wrong in that because the couples that arise due to an office romance know each other well. You can watch your partner behave in stressful situations and learn his character better. Such couples tend to be more stable.

Myth 2. Always tell the truth about your past

When couples are really close, there are certainly some questions about how many intimate partners they used to have. This is a dangerous area for both men and women. Even if you have got the most liberal man in the world, do not tell him the truth. A woman of 30 starts her sexual activity at the age of 16; during this time she experiences two 4-year-long monogamous romances, a couple of short intrigues annually, as well as casual sex. On average, it means 20 or 25-30 partners, if the lady has excellent libido. This response can be a striking thing to hear for any man, no matter how much he loves you. It is better to let your beloved wonder what feelings you have for him at the moment.

Myth 3. Avoid Having sex on the first date

Those over 20 do not even feel they need to be explained that it is a myth. But those over 30 often believe in it. Any specialist knows so many happy couples, who have lived together for a long time and who had sex on the first date, that there is no reason to support this myth. Of course, this does not mean that women are encouraged to have sex on the first date – not at all. But there are pleasant exceptions when excessive principles in this matter will not give pleasure to you or your partner.