10 Traits Making You Less Attractive


The study conducted by scientists from different countries revealed the qualities that make us less attractive. Learn about them and be armed with the information.

Nervous tension

In 2013, the Biology Letters journal wrote that women with high levels of stress hormone, cortisol, are less attractive to men.


Lying, according to studies, is one of the most repulsive characteristics of a person, no matter how insignificant these lies may seem.

Lack of sleep

In 2010, Swedish scientists proved that the less a person sleeps, the more he or she repels the people around.


In a 2014 Chinese study, volunteers were asked to evaluate photos of people with neutral facial expression, but with different emotions. It was found that hostile people are less attractive.

Closed body posture

Scientists from four U.S. universities came to the conclusion that crossed arms, tight shoulders and other manifestations of a closed posture repel other people.


Experts from universities of Wisconsin and New York have proved that a lazy person is not interesting to others.

Looking too happy

Scientists at the University of British Columbia found in 2011 that excessively smiling men repel women.

Looking too proud

During the study, researchers also found that men are not attracted by the women who look too proud.

Similar body smell

Scientists at the University of New Mexico found that people with similar body smell are not attracted to each other because they subconsciously consider themselves relatives.

Lack of a sense of humor

Psychologists from Ulster University came to the conclusion that people with a flat sense of humor are less attractive, regardless of gender.